Rainbows and Sunshine.

Not all mornings go smoothly.  It seems some mornings the dogs think I have infinite time to walk them (if only) when in reality I have allotted plenty of time for them to exercise and ‘to go’.  Still, for whatever reason, there are days we return home without finishing that last part.  Even after 30-40 minutes.  So then we go into the backyard, where I plead with one or both of them to GO. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, GO OUTSIDE AND NOT INSIDE!  Verbally I do this, pleading, like a crazy person.

It’s on those mornings, I understand the phrase ‘it’s five o’clock somewhere’.  Thus today, I’m posting photos of them looking adorable, to remind myself how much I love them.

5 13 13b

5 13 13f

9 thoughts on “Rainbows and Sunshine.

  1. Do you have a dog door? We installed one and it’s been great. I never worry about the boys not being able to hold it or me running late.

    • I like the idea of a dog door in theory, but I’m too paranoid about potential predators (human or otherwise) to allow my pup outside when I’m not home…

    • I know doggy doors work for many but i would have a heart attack on repeat, all day, every day while I was at work convincing myself the boys got out and then out of the yard or worse yet, dog-napped! My mind tends to wonder to the extreme!

  2. Thank you for reminding me to look on the bright side today, I needed that considering Dottie woke me up at the crack of dawn barking at who knows what in the yard before falling back asleep when I couldn’t… grrr… but I still love her!

  3. This made me smile! My newest dog Lexi wakes me up in the morning when she has to go by standing on me (literally) while I am still in bed and giving a copious amount of kisses. She wastes no time in doing her business once we’re outside! My older guy Zev likes to amble around sometimes, though, and it can drive me crazy!
    P.S. I love their collars!

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