My sunshine.

My relationship with each dog is very different. The love is the same but they are each, obviously, at different train stations on the track of my life.  I’ll label my connection with Jake as, complex.  We are still figuring it all out.  He makes me laugh as often as he makes me add something to the list of things we need to work on.

Melvin, well he just makes me sigh.  He is comfort.  He is love. He’s has had an impact on my life that words have a hard time conveying

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8 thoughts on “My sunshine.

  1. Love the 3rd photo with Jake totally uninterested in the background.

    And the photo of Melvin behind the pillows, priceless.

    I totally understand this dynamic — Tess is my girl and she is (with all her issues) so much simpler than Ed (I know she doesn’t have some elaborate plan to trick me into giving her things — I can’t say the same for Ed). And because she’s so much simpler..she gets way less attention and focus. Poor girl. And yet she loves us just the same.

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