When you know…

There are those moments you know that YOUR dog was meant to be YOURS, that in all truth, they found you.

My moment with Melvin was when I realized that he was pulling me (literally, via the leash) forward in life. Forward from grief and hard’ish life moments.  Forward, through them, not away from them.  He is my journey.

My moment with Jake came last night.  They were calling for some storms so after our walk we went into the backyard in order to batten down some of the hatches.  At one point I came around the corner to find Jake, paws up, against the house.  If you need more of a visual, it was as if an invisible cop was behind him and he was arms up on the building for his frisking.  Mine.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that he was eating dried plumbers putty from the hose connection to the house.  Eating it right off the house, scratching his nose on the brick, like a true foodie.  Mine, mine, mine.

Yes, I spent the $40 on the phone call to animal poison control.  Plumbers putty, when dry, is non-toxic.  Of course the Dr. did share with me that all other calls she’d had on plumbers putty was of dogs eating it fresh, from containers, usually at an actual plumbers house.  That this was the first time the ingestion was, paws up, eaten off a house.

Say it with me again, mine.

We are watching him for signs of blockage, but for now he seems to be all Jake.

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8 thoughts on “When you know…

  1. Oh, Jake, you are something else! Glad you’re doing okay!
    I think I knew Lexi was meant to be mine the first night we heard her snore, probably a week or so after we adopted her. And I mean SNORE – loud, lips fluttering around, etc. She was sprawled out on the couch next to me, long legs going in every direction, head resting on a pillow, with the most peaceful yet goofy look on her face as she snored away. Mine!

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