As I have mentioned, Jake snores.  It is a mystery how such loud noises can come out of such a small body.  Regardless of the tremendous amount of honking he produces, I like both dogs to sleep in the master bedroom.  The first few months with Jake were fairly sleepless but thanks to the volume control on the white noise machine and the body’s ability to find sleep (eventually), everyone is finally able to slumber with him in the room.

He currently sleeps in a crate — for two reasons. One, I’m not 100% sure he would ‘hold it’ all night if not in his crate and secondly, the crate keeps his snoring at a distance that gives the noise machine a fighting chance. The plan, however, has always been to try him in a bed and ditch the crate.  I’ve delayed on this mostly because I love sleep so much. So much.

His bed (the smaller, matching version of Melvin’s) is on order.  It will be a slow transition to it, we’ll start by putting it in the bedroom and just letting him find it for naps or give him Kongs on it. Some days, I’m sure Melvin will end up on it.

In preparation for two matching dog beds, the decorator in me had to start the rearranging effort.  Part of that required Melvin’s bed to be moved, about 3 feet toward the window.  He was not happy about this new real estate.  I kept saying ‘the worse is yet to come buddy, wait until you meet your new neighbor’.

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15 thoughts on “Bedtime.

  1. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but I love doggie snoring. I find it comforting. Lily snores like a freight train, and it makes me feel like, if she’s relaxed then I can relax. Hubby got used to it eventually 😉

  2. I feel your pain. Our Boxer, Roxy (RIP) used to snore like a freight train, once in awhile I’d have to get up and roll her over with the hope that it would go down a decibel or two! I agree, though, love having dogs sleeping all over the bedroom, makes me feel comfy and if I get snuggled I feel like I’m 6 again. Such a comfort!
    One thought about the crate – certainly a good reason to do it so there’s no accident (would be horrible for you to slip and break a leg on the way to the loo!!!!), otoh, I wonder if it helps resonate his snoring even more? Wouldn’t that be great if him sleeping on the bed wasn’t so bad??? From my keyboard to God’s ears! 😉
    Btw, thank you so much for your blog and the time it takes, I get so much enjoyment out of your adventures!

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