I tend to feel that empathy is one of the most lovely of all the emotions.  Our ability to feel for others, in happiness or crisis, matters. The animal blog-world is a crazy, wonderful empathy arena.  We read other’s posts, and nod.  We laugh, cry, cheer and curse for our favorite blog authors.  We have been there.  We are there now.  We understand.  In the same breath, as a writer of such a blog, I am able to put things out there knowing, that empathy is waiting. That even in the hardest or saddest of moment, someone will relate.

And then… just maybe, someone will reach out.  With a comment or an email and sometimes even a gift.  Just one example of many, my blog friend M, who I have never met in person, lost her sweet Brutus last year.  Around that same time, Melvin’s liver values skyrocketed and despite her grief, M pro-actively packed up the liver supplements she had leftover from her boy and sent them to me.  Empathy at its brightest. We have continued a little gift exchange back and forth — sometimes in sad times, sometimes happy, and yesterday I got this.  Just because…

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This village of ours, feels like home.

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  1. It’s a great world to be a part of, one where you can post anything and know you’ll get support and suggestions. It’s great to know you have this whole community to help you through the good, the bad, and the hard decision making times.
    -Corbin’s momma, Jenn

  2. You said it so well! I’ve always thought it so interesting too that I know my blog friends’ dogs more intimately than the dogs I see on a daily basis. Though explaining “blog friends” to people who don’t read blogs does get so confusing.

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