I’m home. A story by Jake.

She said its been seven months since I came to live here but I sorta just think this has always been home.

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I had an old life someplace else, I guess I remember small parts of that. The people who I lived with were not home much.  I sat around a lot, waiting for them.  I don’t sit and wait so much here, and it’s pretty awesome (and when I do it’s in my new sitting position of my hind legs between my front legs!).  Sure She leaves, but what’s different is that I can tell, She’d rather stay.  She doesn’t look at me and my brother, T-Rex, as something bothersome.  She looks at us, and I know for sure, the moment she can come home, she will.  And when She does return, I dance!  Actually, it’s more of a bunny hop! I really, really, really like Her.

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I had a yellow brother at my last address also.  That one played more than this yellow brother.  But when the people would leave, they’d take that yellow brother with them.  They wouldn’t take me though, they left me home.  So I guess I like this yellow brother better.  He stays home with me, and he checks in every once in a while so that we can keep our gang-bond strong.  Brother bonds are better than playing.  I did not know this.

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The thing about being here is that there are no judgements.  No one punishes me when I want to show the carpet my love.  When I gots the itchies and roll around like a fish-outta-water, it’s all good.  When I eat and get food all over my neck waddle, She just wipes it up. I can be me!  In all my glory, I can just be Jake!

I’m still working on not having to sleep in the box at night.  I mean the box is in Her room, and yellow dude sleeps close by but boy would I like to snuggle up on one of them during the night.  Apparently I honk-snore.  I have never heard it, I think they are making it up.

I love Melvin.  I love her.  I love the new me.  I’m home.

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  1. =) So sweet! Jake is such a handsome boy and I’m SO glad that he’s found his home!

    P.S.- I’m hoping that you don’t have to sleep in the box thingy for too much longer either

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