Shopping and gifts.

Hello, my name is Tracey and I often order things and then forget I ordered them and then packages arrive and I think ‘hey, what’s this?’ and I open it and usually I remember ordering it but sometimes I don’t remember but I’m still like ‘yay you for ordering this because it’s awesome’.  Yep, that’s me.

So this weekend when I pulled this out of the mailbox I thought, hmmmmm, what wonderful thing have I forgotten ordering this time? (I blurred this out so you don’t stalk us and try to steal the contents).7 2 13

I opened it and each step didn’t seem to jog the slightest bit of memory.7 2 13B

Could it be…this is a gift?  There was no gift message.7 2 13A

And then I saw them.  And I immediately knew with my whole heart that if these objects of perfection were not bought by me then only one other person could be responsible …


7 2 13CThe one on the left has Melvin’s name on it and the one on the right is Jake’s. I’m so grateful for E and so in love with this gift!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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