We’re back!

I was going to write all about the new sleeping arrangement, the one where Jake is no longer in a crate, Melvin can’t tolerate his snoring and I get less sleep than a zombie but instead… I will write a quick update on sixty seconds from last night.

I had a migraine all weekend.  I’m fine but it did require intervention from the ER. Suffice it to say, when I got home from my medical rave, I was a little ‘out of it’.  I did as I always do, I let Jake out of the mudroom and he took off running (as per usual) in the direction of the foyer to make love to his girlfriend, the carpet. On the way to his rendezvous, he slipped. Next thing I know, and again I’m a bit out of it at this point so part of me was wondering if this was even happening, his leg was seemingly no longer in his hip socket. It was just dragging.  I did a double take and then one look at his face (pure panic) and I knew this was not my imagination   I made a 911 call to our fake vet tech across the street announcing that I was not coherent enough to know what to do and may have spouted off something about a broken leg. She came right over, and after about 20 minutes, his leg was back to normal.

I am taking him to the vet, just to be sure.  But… I will admit that had this happened to Max (my first on-my-own dog) I would have had a helicopter come get us to take us to the ER vet.  For Melvin I would likely have driven him myself, drug induced and all, to the ER vet.  Poor third child Jake gets me, his Godmother the fake vet tech and a few ‘you OK buddy?’ gestures.  Don’t get me wrong, I love him, purely and truly.  I liken it to two-legged third-child syndrome.  The first child get’s everything boiled and sterilized   By the time you get to the third child you decide your own saliva is just as good as, if not better than, boiling water.

Everyone is on the mend and you still have the sleeping arrangement update to look forward to!

13 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. You were much more calm than I would have been. My first reaction probably would have been to “Google” it, and then based on what I would have saw, I would have been in the helicopter on the way to the ER vet! You are lucky to have a fake vet tech so close-by

    • I think my emotional response was muted by the pain killers they gave me in the ER. I normally would have been running up and down the street screaming.

  2. HAHA – too funny. We were just talking about the “third child syndrome.”

    So glad Jake is okay – and that you didn’t attempt to drive all drugged up! Give the pooches pats for us (and an extra one for the third child).

    • Between me and my friend Virginia we have been through almost every dog ailment (from runny noses to cancer) and are the first ones to flee to the vet in a panic. So we usually try to call upon the other to make a logical call on whether a visit (especially a Sun night ER visit) is warranted. In this case, without my fake vet tech, Jake would have been back to normal by the time I got to the Emergency vet!

  3. My human mommy still has “first child syndrome” with me (even though I’m her fourth on-her-won dog), but with my late canine sister Lexi, she had a 48-hour-rule: If whatever it is is still happening in 48 hours, *then* Lexi goes to the vet. Glad to hear that you and Jake are both on the mend. Hope his vet appointment goes well and that your migraines go away!

  4. Oh dear…I feel your pain and I’m very happy to hear you are doing much better…BIG hugs to you and your doggies, especially little Jake…It sounds like its been a very rough few days so here’s to having a great week ahead!!!!

  5. Oh man, scary. Glad he is doing okay though! (And for what it is worth, when Pallo had a seizure, I did a total panic phone call to a friend of mine, who had to tell me to take him to the vet if he was still seizing- but she was awesome, had another mutual friend with an epileptic dog call me back and talk me though it all).

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