I’m Jake, and I like ankles and butts.

Here is the deal, your ankles, all of you, are at the same height as my nose.  So I smell your ankles, and yeah, they smell good so I smell them some more and then you know what, I lick those ankles like they are delicious sideways ice cream cones.  Sue me. (I mean don’t sue me, I’m not sure I have a trust fund like my brother does so I may not have any money and I don’t want to be homeless again).  Up until I met Melvin, ankles were all I needed.  But now, you know what I like even more than the road to your foot?  Melvin’s butt.

Melvin’s butt is at the exact spot my nose ends up when my head is held high. I’m a pretty proud fella so my head is held high quite often!  I cannot get enough of his butt and I smell it, and i try to get closer and smell some more and usually this is when he turns around and gives me a look like ‘stop or I’ll eat you’ but I don’t care, I LOVE HIS BUTT and I’ll be labeled weird and I’ll risk a limb to smell it, and lay near it, and stare at it and sometimes, just sometimes when he is so comfy and settled and I know it would take an act of awesome food to get him to move an inch, I sneak closer and put my head on his butt.   I mean I’m pretty sure he cut off his tail so I could be closer and I really appreciate that. Yeah that’s right, he looked into the future, saw me there, cut off his own tail in preparation of meeting me.  My butt pillow brother is the best! The LEAST I can do, is love on his butt every chance that I get!

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“Aww yeah, let me nuzzle in closer to my buddies butt”

7 25 13a

“Am I dead? Is this heaven?”

7 25 13f

“Please stop moving Melvin, you’re rustling my pillow”

7 25 13e

I’m not even going to caption this one with my thoughts.

7 25 13d

“My favorite view of all”

7 25 13c

“Hey sweet cheeks, how u doin?”

7 25 13b

16 thoughts on “I’m Jake, and I like ankles and butts.

  1. A certain female dog in house has a fascination with our knees. We are all targets and she very much appreciates warmer weather and her humans wearing shorts 😉

    I gave up on trying to figure out the whole butt thing…..

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