One funny dude.

It was the middle of the night and I got up and realized Jake was nowhere to be seen, despite the bedroom door being closed.  And then I found him.

(sorry for the darkness, but literally this was 2am! stick with it, it becomes clearer.)

And then he did it again, middle of day.  Do you think he is trying to tell me he wants a blanket, or a cave?

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When I was able to catch it on film during the day, he seemed embarrassed.  Maybe this is a private time activity?!

17 thoughts on “One funny dude.

  1. Now you’ve done it. My human thinks it’s just oh so funny to play that last video of Jake and watch me go crazy when I hear the tags jingle as he shakes his head. I never hear anything, so I have absolutely now idea how I’m picking up on that. 🙂 Love it when Jake gives you “the eye.”

  2. Paul started doing something like this recently. He’ll take his head and burry it under the pillows. He can breath fine, but I”m not sure what the heck he’s doing under there.

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