Insomniacs would hate Melvin.

Melvin can sleep.  I mean that dog can curl up and snooze like no ones business.  I actually get jealous of how deep a sleep and how completely comfortable he can get.

They had a news story today about how many people suffer from insomnia and have to resort to sleeping aids/pills.  Melvin did not understand the words that reporter was speaking.

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17 thoughts on “Insomniacs would hate Melvin.

  1. Awh! It looks like Melvin and out snooze Paul! And Paul is the king of sleep and snuggles in our house.

  2. Loved all those photos! What a snoozer indeed lol. Must be with the getting older thing. Cindy can fall asleep in a minute or two and begin to snore, out solid. Lucky dogs.

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