Stuffie love.

Since finding out that Jake likes stuffies, and since the bird and frog incidents (he ate two live baby frogs last week folks – I was going to post about it but sometimes you need to just let deviant behavior be) I went out and got him some new toys (namely birds and frogs). The good news is that Melvin is getting used to the squeaker noise.  The other good news is that Jake is full on smitten will all his stuffies and he spends a lot of time playing with them and dragging them from room to room and laying upon them.  This leaves him less time to pee on Melvin’s bed or to torment living creatures.

Jake introduces Rug to her sister-wife, Duck. 10 8 13

What? We’re having a sleepover.  10 8 13a

Frogs. 10 8 13b

Come this way, my Pretty. 10 8 13c

Now, this way my Pretty. 10 8 13e

Hang on a minute, you are not the lightest duck.

10 11 13

Being a, stuffie killer lover is tiring. 10 8 13d

And the best one, I declared a time-out on stuffies.  Jake had other ideas. Classic Jake video:

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  1. I could get lost in those delicious jowls. Jake cracks me up, I love how quickly he scuttled away once he got a hold of the stuffie.

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