Melvin in hiding.

Jake has gotten a lot of blog time lately.  He’s funny, he eats weird stuff and his bodily noises break ordinances.  Where Jake is the fun and loud, hot pink chair, Melvin is the subtle, stylish, timeless wallpaper.  He’s the background to all my days.  Yes, I enjoy decorating analogies.

Since Jake’s arrival, Melvin has gone from fairly indifferent to moderately tolerant.  In other words, I think he pretty much feels the same way about Jake today as he did when he met him almost a year ago. This is Melvin’s typical approach…

If Jake is on the carpet whipping a stuffie around, go to higher ground:10 14 13a10 14 13

If Jake is looking for you, hide:10 14 13b10 14 13c10 14 13d

If your mother finds you, plead with a sad face so that she doesn’t tell Jake where you are:10 14 13e10 14 13f10 14 13g

17 thoughts on “Melvin in hiding.

  1. His hiding spot looks gloriously comfortable! I don’t blame him for seeking it out – even when he doesn’t need to hide!!

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