Welcome to one of my most favorite weeks!  This my friends is the week of (the weatherman best not be screwing with me) the first frost!  Yes, I love fall.  It’s good hair weather, it begins boot season, it’s visually lovely and cheeks take on a rosy glow.  But the first frost, that is the day we dance and sing!  Frost puts half of Melvin’s allergies into hibernation!  It’s a magical time, it happens LITERALLY overnight.

Thanks to medications, regular baths, baby-wipes and a strict diet, Melvin is now only twice as itchy as other dogs.  From the first frost to spring, HE IS ALMOST A NORMAL AMOUNT OF ITCHY (as long as we keep those things up and add a humidifier).  He even goes from being red, to only moderately pink.  Woohooo!

And this year, Jake is with us for the first frost.  Itchy dog #2 will get relief now also!  We shall dance extra and sing a little more loudly!  WOOT!

You can see that the boys share in my excitement!  10 21 13

16 thoughts on “Frosty.

  1. While I don’t love frost, I do love the benefits. Ray is only moderately itchy, and the cold weather alleviates nearly all of it. I, however, rarely find cute boots that fit my weird underpinnings.

  2. Ditto on the love for fall ! Wahooooo – pumpkin, boots, great hair and no itching for our furry friends (well – less anyway). Top it off with Thanksgiving turkey – WHAT a season 🙂

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