Van Gogh.

There are a few theories about what happened to Vincent Van Gogh’s ear.  I’d like to add one to the list, maybe he had allergies and itched it off.

Sunday night, I noticed there were drops of blood, that led to more drops of blood, and wait, what is that on the blanket, oh right, more blood.  Your mission if you choose to accept it (and uh, yeah, you’re obviously going to want to figure this one out) is:  Where is the blood coming from?

I looked at both boys, neither showed telling signs that would suggest who was bleeding.  In fact, they both were snuggled and comfy.  I started with the little one, short hair, tiny body, I could rule him in or out quickly.  It wasn’t him.  I moved onto the big guy, I checked nails, paws, legs, stomach, nubbin, back, head and mouth.  Nothing.

I double checked that it wasn’t me.  I went to wash my hands.  When I came back, there was more blood.  It was next to Melvin — where hadn’t I checked?  I lifted one of his ears, and (insert gag and gasp) there it was.  He had scratched his ear up, and on the inside ear flap was a gash, that cut deep into him.

I went to my satellite vet office (the kitchen) and got gloves, antiseptic wipes and Animax (the one topical medication I would choose to take if I knew I would be stranded on an island with a dog).  I headed back up to the examination room (the bedroom) to find my patient (Melvin man) already asleep on the table (my bed).  I ascertained by his sleeping that this was not a 911 on the pain front, check. Melvin is the best patient, he has complete faith that whatever I am doing to him, no matter what the discomfort level he might feel, must be necessary.  I cleaned his ear, the gash looked much deeper but less gory once it was clean.  I applied Animax.  I sat and waited to be sure the medicine soaked in (yeah,that’s right, I’ve met you before Melvin. The moment I turn around you will have found a way to lick the medication off your own ear — or, you might even allow the little guy to do it for you).

We saw the vet on Monday night. He’ll have a scar but otherwise my wannabe Van Gogh will be fine.

We made it a family trip to the vet, mostly because I love torture and exhaustion…

Yes Jake, that is why I bought you the car crate, so you could stand up facing backwards while we are driving.10 29 13

“Where did they take my brother?”10 29 13a

I think they were hoping we’d go somewhere more exciting. 10 29 13c

15 thoughts on “Van Gogh.

  1. I think we were sisters in a different life and yours or my dogs descended from the same family, too! Animax, sounds like something I need around here, too. Prescription required?

    • Animax is a must for anyone whose dog has skin issues. We get it at the vet but I’m guessing it’s one of those things they’d let you have to stock your medicine cabinet. If they boys get a scrape or external injury of any type I apply a little Animax and I swear you can watch it heal! I liken it to neosporin for humans (which you can also use on dogs).

  2. I really thought I was almost an expert at doggy first aid….and I’ve never heard of animax. I must get my hands on some of this.

  3. I find it both adorable and adventurous that you brought both dogs. I could absolutely never.

    Glad Melvin is on the mend…poor dude…I feel like you could be an honorary veterinarian with your pet health experiences!

    • Well the bringing of the both of them is def for training — for me and for them. Jake is the smaller dog but the bigger work in progress and it helps me train on how to handle both when one is causing terror!

  4. Animax Ointment is a combination of nystatin, neomycin sulfate, thiostrepton and triamcinolone acetonide with non-irritating polyethylene and mineral oil as base. Together they provide complete therapy against organisms, liable for most external bacterial infections

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