Halloween recap.

When I posted the photos last Wednesday of the boys in costume, Melvin’s ‘preferred’ costume had not arrived yet. Additionally I was worried about Jake’s Snookie costume being too PG-13 for the kids.  So the boys did a brief fashion show, complete with Melvin in his awesome-yet-very-hot costume that did in fact arrive on 10/31!  (He actually had the Fire Dog costume on when the real one arrived).

He was not feeling this costume. 11 4 13b

At this point in getting Jake dressed I realized he was in fact in drag. 11 4 13A

Snookie or Keith Richards?  Who really knows!11 4 13e

And then his REAL costume arrived and he felt much more pride in wearing it!!! He is the King of my heart.  11 4 13f

A front door sight you do not see too often.11 4 13c

And one more time before this one is retired. 10 30 13a

The boys did great on Halloween.  They sat by the front door (I didn’t make them wear their costumes), while I sat on the front porch and handed out candy.  Me being outside meant the doorbell was avoided so it was a pretty calm night for everyone — even Snookie and the King.

11 4 13g

23 thoughts on “Halloween recap.

  1. Love, LOVE the lion mane! With his body, it looks (almost) realistic! And the Snookie – cracking me up!!

    Edison didn’t do so well this year, so after a few trick or treaters, we put him upstairs in the crate. It was pouring most of the night, so we were delegated inside and only had 20 kids!

    • Poor Edison! I was pretty worried about Jake being overwhelmed. We got A LOT of kids and it turned out to be a great training night for him. Melvin is pretty chill on Halloween as long as no one knocks or rings the doorbell.

      • Yeah, last year Edi did great and I think it was a good experience for him, so I was really bummed about this year. One step forward, two steps back sometimes.

        I think if had been warmer (and not pouring), us sitting on the stoop and allowing Edison to watch from inside would have been perfect. Maybe next year…

  2. I love the lion’s mane. In the photo from behind, it almost looks like you have a lion standing guard at your door. The Snookie photo is just too hilarious… still. Great costumes.

    We didn’t have any trick or treaters. With kilometres between houses and long driveways, the effort of walking from property to property is not worth the return of just a few pieces of candy.

    • My guard lion will lick you to death! We grew up in a neighborhood with distance between the homes, my dad would take us from driveway to driveway on a tractor wagon! It was still a lot of work for candy!

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