Recent photos.

I just looked through my camera and whoa, I take a lot of photos of the boys!  Here are some recent photos I am pretty sure you have not seen… (except maybe on Instagram:  find us @tholupka_ohmelvin).

Jake fell asleep sitting up.  On me.  11 7 13p

He may be drunk. 11 7 13o

Hind legs through front legs, check! 11 7 13n

I really do not know what he is doing here.  Seriously, what is he doing????11 7 13m

Front legs tucked completely under him in order to make honk snoring louder. 11 7 13l

Stuffie love-exhaustion. 11 7 13j

Melvin often leaps out of reach when Jake starts ‘loving’ things.  11 7 13i

Being adorable is hard work.  11 7 13h

He managed to cover himself.  11 7 13f

I love his wrinkles so much!  I have to keep from squeezing him too hard. 11 7 13e

And this guy — love, love, love. 11 7 13d

More love. 11 7 13c

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