The dance.

Jake’s first gotcha day is approaching. I was looking back on blog posts from a year ago and we had just met the little man but nothing was official at this point.  Melvin’s post about NOT wanting a dog added to our family was exactly a year ago (that post is here).

I’ve been watching Jake lately, it’s like he’s always been with us.  One thing I strive for, as much as I can, is the boy’s schedule.  It’s not as much about time of day but more about order of events. I really do believe that giving them a certain level of consistency in their day gives me so many more moments to applaud them for doing good.

Melvin knows the dance, he and I choreographed it together.  From the moment we wake up in the morning to setting the alarm at night, Melvin can anticipate the moves that I make.  He counts on it.  For example, when the alarm announces “doors and windows armed, exit now”, he goes into the bedroom.

With Jake, it took a little while.  There were some mishaps, he got confused a few times and there were plenty of times he just refused to partake. In fact, he couldn’t accommodate every thing we were doing so we had to bend a little for him.  That is what families do.

Now, when Melvin comes running around the corner, on cue, little man comes rounding the corner right after him.  He knows the important words and how to act on them: ‘potty’ (he heads to back door), ‘walk’ (he heads to the garage door), ‘dinner’ (he runs laps around the island, not technically what I was going for but close enough), ‘treat’, ‘sit’, ‘time out’ (he sits for all of these), up and ‘ok’ (a release that he can do whatever, usually to come up on the couch or bed).  Of course he is still working on figuring out what ‘no’ means!

I know what ‘no’ means, I just choose not to listen when you say it. 11 12 13a

We all know I’m the most well-behaved dog in our house.  11 12 13

10 thoughts on “The dance.

  1. It’s so hard to believe that it’s only been a year! He is still just as mysterious as he was a year ago 🙂
    I agree with you on schedules. Our dogs have my cues down pat. I think it is so important and whenever anyone watches our dogs I leave a detailed list about “how” everything is to be done and in what order. They think I’m nuts and a little OCD (which are both true), but the importance of keeping them comfortable with what they know is a priority.

  2. I love your love for your boys. I can feel the connection you have with Melvin permeating from your page and the love for Jake…just exquisite.

  3. What?! This guy hasn’t been there forever? Could have fooled me.

    We have a few “dances” – whenever I grab a collar or a leash, Tess knows to sit in front of me (Ed is still working on this). Or when I say “go to bed” Edi immediately runs downstairs to his crate (Tess is reluctant, but not because she doesn’t know it).

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