Jake’s dream came true.

The story as told by Jake.

“What the…he knows that is my spot, why is he there?!”11 21 13

“Wait, could this be, dare I even think it, an invite to snuggle?!!!”11 21 13h

“Everyone be cool.  Seriously, no quick movements or noise. If you ruin this for me I’ll pee in your beds.” 11 21 13a

“OK, good, good.  I’ll just sit really still for a minute so he gets used to my awesomeness being so close to him.  He is probably feeling the warmth of my joy by now.” 11 21 13b

“My gawd he smells good.” 11 21 13c

“No, seriously, you gotta smell him.  It’s amazing.”11 21 13d

“Focus, man, focus.  The prize is right there, that gorgeous butt.  Move closer to da butt.”  11 21 13f

11 21 13g

“He loves me and I love his butt.”  11 21 13i

The story as told by Melvin.

“What the BLEEP is he doing?”11 21 13k

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! This was definitely a Heather Crowley post. Thank you for making me laugh. When your hem is available, let me know

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