Let me be clear, I love snow!  I love the being outside and hearing the crunch, crunch, crunch below my feet.  I like rosy cheeks and boots and mittens.  I like what transpires after being outside, cozy fires, hot chocolate and naps.

The boys hate being wet.  The end.

Here is Jake running.  There is a nano-inch of snow and he picked up the pace only because I announced he could go inside. photo

Here they are posing, look how thrilled they both look.  photo[1]

I had to force them to walk once the snow picked up.  photo[3] photo[2] photo[4]

Here is what they prefer to do on snow days… photo[5] photo[6] photo[7]

16 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Oh Melvin!! he looks so very sad. I just wanna smooch that face. I LOVE the snow, Maize hates being wet and pug just doesnt give a sh*t about anything.

  2. Ray would like to snuggle with your boys. Every morning lately I can be found at the bottom of the stairs calling to Ray, “Ray, get up and go potty so you can eat breakfast! Juli is waiting for you so he can eat breakfast. Ray, get up nowwwwww!”

  3. These pictures are so great and so funny! I think you better just keep them in their warm and cozy house. Love my Granddogs!!!!

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