Monkey man.

Oddly enough, my prayers for last night were for Jake to have bronchitis or pneumonia.  I mean he obviously has something, and those two things (or something similar) would likely only require medications.  Unfortunately (I mean seriously, how crazy does it sound that I’m saying unfortunately), x-rays showed his lungs were clear.

We have a two-hour appointment next Tuesday with a specialist.  While it’s not definite, it seems pretty likely that he will have a Rhinoscope (not on Tuesday, it would have to be scheduled a day or two later so they could do pre-surgical blood work).  Obviously at the appointment on Tuesday I will over-stress and repeat over-and-over that Jake and anesthesia are enemies (and just when they think I can’t possibly tell them again, boom yes I can). Luckily, we have been to this most awesome facility before (Melvin had his spinal tap and MRI done there and he also sees the internist for his colitis).  They take state of the art to a whole new level so even though I plan to throw out all the crazy-dog-mom that I can (I almost guarantee tears), I know he’ll be in the care of the very best.

In the meantime, Jake is spending the day at our regular vet.  It gives me peace of mind to know that if he has an episode, someone is there to help him.  I apparently have to work (boo!) so we can pay for all his fancy procedures.

I’ve been focusing a lot on Jake this past week, and obviously Melvin does not go unnoticed but long gone are the days of jealousy between them.  Melvin, quite the opposite, has taken on the role of overseer.  When I’m helping Jake during an episode, Melvin rushes over to lick Jake’s face.  And if they are laying together and Jake shifts, Melvin moves to accommodate him.  I wonder what Melvin senses about Jake during the episodes, if dogs can tell the other is in struggle.  I just assumed that Melvin was thinking ‘how can he possibly honk louder?’, but now I think he knows something is up.

We’ll keep you posted!  And stay tuned, I have an exciting photo shoot to tell you about!   In the meantime, Jake wants to remind you all that even if you’re sick, you can still look cute! 12 12 13

31 thoughts on “Monkey man.

  1. Poor little guy; at least he has his mama and his big bro to see him through this. Also a about a baxillion fans pulling for him.

  2. We have paws crossed for him over here. The momma knows the helpless feeling of the unknown and watching your pooch struggle. Sends lots of love and hugs from mom to you and the boys, love and smooches from me, and Amelia sends lovey smooches to the boys!
    PS. Melvin and Jake are on Santa’s extra good list!

  3. I hope you’ll consider asking a friend to go to Jake’s Tuesday appointment with you. My human mommy always finds it helpful to have a second set of ears and a little moral support. Take a lesson from sweet Melvin and the friend he has been to his brother Jake. 🙂 Paws crossed for you and Jake.

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