Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is my brother.

They boys have a new ritual.  Melvin gets on the couch and shortly thereafter, Jake assumes his rightful position.

Melvin will lay down and Jake will awkwardly (yet hurriedly) climb over him to get to his spot. photo

Jake will smell Melvin’s parts, as many of them as he can. photo[1]

photo[4] photo[5]

Then Jake takes a load off. photo[2]

Melvin will then give a sign that, it’s all good. photo[3] photo[6]


12 thoughts on “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is my brother.

  1. Balton gives Ollie full body sniffs every morning for as long as I can remember. This morning Ollie licked Balton on his muzzle when he moseyed up to him for the first time ever. Tis the season!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I love snuggling puppies. (But I think there’s just something about Labs – my cat used to lie in the same place with my Lab. I think they must be particularly cuddly and warm to snuggle with. 😉 So adorable.

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