Hello awesome community.

The moment Jake’s legs started giving out I immediately reached out to people who might be able to share their dog’s similar experience with me.  One of those lovelies was an Instagram friend @pugmaize. I have never met @pugmaize. I found her through a friend (Emily from Our Waldo Bungie). All I really knew was that I loved her photos and through those pictures I knew she had a Pug and that Pug had wheels (who I secretly plan to ‘borrow’ at some point for squeezing and snuggling,  Pug not the wheels). So I sent her a FB message to ask if I could inquire about Pug’s road to wheels.  I figured she’d message me back eventually (after she contemplated if I was a stalker and weighed risk factors).  Oh no, within two minutes she reach out with a ‘hell yes, how can I help’ and gave me her phone number.  HER PHONE NUMBER!  I’m a stranger!  Sure, my blog is funny and the pictures are cute but this awesome human being was taking precious evening minutes and saying, ‘here, take my time, call me, let’s talk’.  Holy crap, life can really deliver an angel when needed most.  I hung up from that call, happy.  Feeling more capable. Reminded of how freaking wonderful people can be.

So 1. @pugmaize is beyond the comprehension of coolness.  I encourage all of us to be more like her.  Take time for others, reach out to strangers even.  Chain reaction this one folks, let’s call it ‘pulling an @pugmaize’!

And 2.  This blog and social media community of animal lovers we are in, well, please let me live here forever.  Know that if any of you need what I needed the other night, I will be here, there, anywhere and I will pay this kindness forward.  Support, compassion, humor during difficulty – yes, please!

Jake (and Melvin!) say Happy Tuesday!1 7 14

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    • Right!!!! Thank you so much and the same goes for you. Honestly, the issue we had with Melvin seems so similar to what you are going through (having a seizure issue but the tests not showing anything). I am happy to give you more detail about what we went through/hypothesized.

  1. I’d have to say that the pet blogger community is the closest thing to heaven, this side of heaven. Those of us who love our fur babies so unconditionally and whole heartedly just automatically gravitate to others who do and feel the same. I echo the sentiment…anytime anywhere, I am here for you.

  2. If I haven’t said it before, your boys are truly so so lucky to have you. And this community is amazing. And I have met @pugmaize before, and she is all sorts of awesome!

  3. Omg you guuuuuuuys! I am almost in tears. That is SO SWEET.
    I remember how difficult it was for me to process everything when I first took Pug to the vet to see what was going on with his legs. I received amazing comfort and support for someone and it made the process so much easier for me. Anytime you need something you have my number and don’t hesitate to call!

  4. I’m practically tearing up at work! What a wonderful community! I don’t know you, but I think you’re an awesome mom!!!! Wishing the best for your squishy face, buggy eyed guy! They’re both so lucky to have found you!

  5. Your pups are so lucky to have you! Best wishes for a great outcome for your little dude. Anita is all kinds of awesome and I fully support everyone striving to be more like her, and popularizing the phrase, “pulling a pugmaize”! The world would be a much better place!

  6. We have met so many amazing people and learned so much through this community. We too know the amazing @pugmaize in real life…and lucky us we’ve even gotten to squeeze little Pug. We second support popularizing the ‘pulling a pugmaize’ phrase.

  7. I don’t usually comment on many of these things but I wanted to thank YOU for being part of this community yourself. I joined IG with the thought that I was posting way too many dog photos to FB and you, as one of my only followers, were “there” last night with Lily. So I thank you. And I am hoping for the best for Jake! I had a similar experince when Lily was going thru ACL issues and I reached out to Two Kitties and A Pittie for advice and a reality check. I am glad to be a “lurker” if not a full-fledged member of this dog blog community – the resources are outstanding.

    • You’re 100% one of us. I was so sorry to see that you lost her. I started clicking on photos to see if I’d missed something about her health. If there is anything I can do, just say the word. This virtual family is never as powerful as when one of us is grieving. You’re never alone. ❤️ And for the record, you can never post too many photos of those faces!!!!

      • Oh thanks! No, she just collapsed and we were under the impression she was completely healthy, just older. It was quite the shock, and of course, very sad. Thanks for your support!

  8. That’s my favorite thing about blogging. I don’t do it for the writing (Please, let me balance your checkbook before you ask me to write something for you. The checking account will make sense, the paragraphs I write, not so much). But I adore the community of pet bloggers who love not only our pets, but each others pets unconditionally and whole hearted.

  9. I agree…the animal/blogging community is unlike any other! We all share the same love for our pets. I know when I was having so many issues with Lainey and her ACL issues, I reached out to Two Kitties and One Pittie for some much needed advice and confirmation that I was doing everything I could do.
    It’s hard to explain to my husband that I don’t “really” know all of you, but he is very much aware of who Jake & Melvin are based on the numerous conversations I have with him….and all of the adorable pictures I show him.
    I’m glad you found someone who understands what you are going through. Sometimes just knowing you have someone to lean on, takes a little bit of the weight off your shoulders.

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