The new rug.

When I moved into my previous house the hardwood floors were VERY light.  Max was a chocolate lab.  All I ever saw was his hair.  So when we replaced the hardwood floors, we went with dark.  One month later, Melvin came.  He is light-haired.  Max left us a few month later.  Lesson learned, never attempt to match your hardwood floors to your dog’s hair color.

In this house, the hardwoods I choose were middle of the road.  A color called saddle.  Melvin’s hair shows up but not terribly.  Same for Jake.  The house gets cleaned weekly, I vacuum every other day (for Melvin’s allergies). For the most part, the hair does not bother me.  Ask anyone at work, I have dog hair on every thing I wear.  Who cares.

But there is one rug that drives me nuts. It’s the rug where the couch and the TV are. The one where we spend the most time. It’s black.  I could vacuum one spot on that rug for for days and the moment I turn it off, a blond hair will float down onto it. Then four million more. That rug mocks me. Last week I was sitting on the couch and I had to question why I had a black rug in the first place.  WHY?  WHYYYYYYYY?  I can only ignore the supposed-to-be-black-rug-but-its-not-anymore rug for so long.  So I ordered a light-colored rug.  I thought, hey, one surface on the main floor of the house can look hair free!   It came and I can’t see a single dog hair on it.  Yay, right?

First night, red wine spill.  It was just a little and it came up but I realized I need to give up, let it go.  Deal!  You win dog hair, you win!

Here are the boys laying on the rug that will never show their hair, but will show EVERYTHING else!

Am I allowed on this rug?photo

Are we both allowed on it?photo[1]

I wonder how long until he throws up on it. photo[2]

Or the little one shoots a meatball out on it. photo[3]

Who cares cause look how cute they are!photo[4]

And Melvin’s throne that chair, covered in dog hair! Wouldn’t have it any other way. photo[5]

Happy weekend!

19 thoughts on “The new rug.

  1. HAHA! I totally hear you. We are currently in the process of buying new furniture for our living room and our thoughts are in the following order 1) will dog hair show? 2) if dog hair shows, will it come off easily? 3) is it washable? We’ve slowly discovered that for our house gray is the best color. I was on our bed the other day and my face was right on top of the comforter petting Dixie and I looked down and was HORRIFIED by the amount of dog hair on it – but I stepped back and I couldn’t see any of it. So, who cares, right? It just means that they are always with me, even when they are not 🙂

    • Yes! Exactly! I think my a-ha moment came after I lost Max. I found a clump of his hair and it made me cry but then it made me laugh. We have dogs, they shed, the end!

  2. Even on our multicolored rug, everything shows immediately. Actually I never really see any of Juli’s black hair but plenty of Ray’s white hairs. There are certain things we just live with and hair is a big one…and the scratches on the sides of the leather chairs. ;-/

  3. I was actually going to comment on your sheepskin rug the other day, wondering how you can swing white with two pups (including one ‘leaky’ one). My dogs happen to be mostly black, but for us, dog hair isn’t really the worst of it–it’s that grime that somehow builds up over time and makes white look so…not clean. I have no idea where it comes from– I bathe my dogs every two weeks, vacuum, and wipe paws when they come in from outside, but our once-white wool rug was banished to the basement after it turned greige.
    Love the new Moroccan-inspired rug though!

    • When I got that sheepskin rug, Jake was not ‘leaky’. The good news is that when we are upstairs, if he goes, he tends to do it in one of their beds (no clue why!). If our house is anything like your house, the ‘greige’ (love that term by the way) is from drool!

  4. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s better to see what’s on the rug. In our house we shuffle instead of walk normally because pugs turds are somehow camouflaged in to our multi-colored rugs and make it very difficult to identify!

  5. Oh dear…it’s like you were speaking my mind! We got our new house 5 years ago and it had white carpet throughout (who puts down white carpet anyway). We immediately had dark hardwood installed thinking the black cat hair would be disguised when guests came over. Then our white-haired jack Russell came into our lives and there is a bazillion white hairs all over the floor at all times. When I clean the floors I lock the dogs in their crates so I can have that millisecond of time where I feel like the floors are dog-hair free. The only smart decision we made was getting white leather furniture. It is a great disguise for the white dog hair….unless you decide you actually want to SIT on it and then your clothes are covered.

  6. What is a hair free house? Whenever I see anyone else’s hair free bathroom tiles, I am crazy jealous. In our old apartment, between a heavily shedding Eddie and a heavily shedding spouse, the light colored tiles were black within seconds of sweeping and mopping.

  7. We had a few rugs when we first started out. The few cheap ones she peed on them. And then the old blue one I brought over from my mom’s home, she peed on that as well. The only one she never peed on was the expensive one, but that is white. We had it professionally cleaned over the new year last year and put it into storage. Now we have no rugs and I sweep the floor everyday, sometimes twice a day. It’s that or risk stray dog hair poking into the sole of my feet, because they do. – – So yes, our dog is the interior designer. She says no rugs. 😛

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