Happy Love Day!!!

The boys want to wish everyone infinite amounts of love today!  If you don’t have a valentine or if you are looking for extras – Melvin and Jake volunteer!  They will be here, in their AWESOME valentine sweaters (made by their super-wonderful dog walker), waiting to love on you.

Love. Is. All. You. Need!

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13 thoughts on “Happy Love Day!!!

  1. Hi! I am just a fellow dog lover/owner that wants to say thank you. You are a wonderful writer and I look forward everyday to hearing about your sweet boys and their antics. My heart is always warmed and entertained when I read about those darling dogs and your love for them.

  2. I love those sweaters! They kind of remind me of the playing card army in Alice in Wonderland. Give your pack a big smooch from my pack and have a Happy Valentine’s day. Oh, and what Julie said above? Ditto to the max.

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