We’ve started therapy

Jake started obsessive-butt-sniffing physical therapy.  We have an AWESOME Dr. Krisi that comes to the house and does laser and acupuncture on the chicken nugget.  So far we have had two sessions.  I am not sure if we are looking for improvement.  If we see an improvement, great.  If we are giving him a chance at legs working for longer than if we didn’t do therapy, even better!

Jake seems to love all things therapy related.  He gets to lay on the couch.  Check.  He gets laser treatments and falls asleep, check check.  Acupuncture means even more rest and relaxation.  He’s probably faking the whole spinal scarring thing.

I won’t sugar coat it, his legs remain unsteady. He knuckles on walks and comes home bleeding.  I am working on a solution for that (if you saw my search history on Amazon you would probably pee yourself).  There are times he has a hard time ‘holding #2’ from bed to door in the morning.  Then there are the moments that you just have to laugh… like the other day when I looked over at him and I’m not even sure how, he was eating dinner and pooping at the same time.  Life is like a frat house to Jake! As for the accidents (they are certainly not all the time), what can you do?  You clean-up and move on.

Here are some photos of the spa therapy treatments.


22014c 22014e

Laser, also known as ‘lean on Dr. Krisi like you own her’…

22014g 22014f

And some photos of the socks I put on him post-bleeding one day.  Notice that I even vet taped them so they would make it look like we were celebrating Christmas in February stay on.

22014b 22014a 22014

11 thoughts on “We’ve started therapy

  1. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Jake, you are such a good pup for allowing those needles to be in there and just relaxing. The momma brought me for a few acupuncture appointments, but the vet finally told the momma that, while he was willing to continue trying, I was much too anxious and he felt bad stealing the momma’s money. I ran around like a chicken with those needles sticking out! Now, has your fabulous momma tried Muttluks? I love my Muttluk boots and they’re the only ones we’ve found with the ability to stay on my clumsy feets. Although, I do like her sock idea -think of all the fun colors you could do! St. Patrick’s Day IS coming up soon…

    • Corbie!!! We do have the Muttluk boots but (oh) Jake doesn’t do so hot with them, we think they might be too heavy for his already wonky back legs. HOWEVER, they make a hiking shoe too and those have been ordered! Hopefully they do the trick. For now we are doing socks and Pawz however Jake thinks the Pawz are edible so those are be monitored carefully!

  2. You and Jake are real troopers! Miss Harper Lee has had laser therapy and her late canine sister had acupuncture. Meanwhile, their human mommy hasn’t had a massage in more than a year. What’s wrong with this picture? But we’ll do anything for them. 🙂

  3. Oh that is intense. Glad he takes it like a champ, though. (And, of course, you are amazing for how well you handle yourself, too!) I’ll cross my fingers for improvement.

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