Weekend getaway.

I left town for a few days for a delightful girl’s weekend in Naples, Florida.  Sunshine, pool, beach, awesome company, great eats and adult beverages.  Yes. Please.

Melvin knows the warning signs that a departure is pending.  The rolling box (suitcase) comes out.  His usual-every-day-sad-face becomes even more sullen.  Jake on the other hand has not been around for enough trips to be clued in to anything.  It’s Jake’s world, we just live here.

Upon return, they both honk and spin with joy to see me.  Then Melvin decides it’s time to part ways for a few days.  Jake takes this as opportunity to be my sidekick until Melvin re-assumes the position.

Florida is lovely…photo 1 photo 2

He’s staying away…you want me to snuggle you instead?  photo

Why did you leave me?photo 3

3 thoughts on “Weekend getaway.

  1. Fun in the sun is much needed right now with all this cold… I’m jealous, it looks gorgeous from your pics.

    Melvin, buddy come on, your mama is back in town there’s no need for the pouty face! And, Jake good job stepping up for Melvin!

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