Bahama Mamma.

The past six days were spent on Paradise Island (how awesome is that name?) for our annual family (adults) trip to the Bahamas.  Breakfast overlooking the ocean, days spent at the pool and beach with adult drinks and lunch delivered to our chairs. Naps. Happy hours. Unbelievably awesome dinners followed by gambling and shopping and the best sleep anyone can imagine.  Not to mention, the best company this life has to offer.

I’ll pause while all of you still stuck in winter get your hate on.

But there is that moment on any vacation (especially the ones where everyone doesn’t go) that no matter how heavenly the sun and sand and moments are, you want to return home.  To the kids, the rest of the family, to your friends and to THE DOGS!!!

While they were very well cared for and loved on, I can say with all honesty that snuggling with the boys on a cold winters night is just as spectacular as any day in Paradise. Love is strange, indeed.

Just a few photos so you don’t hate TOO much..

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo photo[1]

Tune in tomorrow for an update on Melvin (I got a call from the vet while on the trip) — he’s totally fine (but I was so nervous answering the call!)


18 thoughts on “Bahama Mamma.

  1. So jealous. I am watching a friend’s dog while she is on vacation in Mexico, my husband is going on a work trip (but still cooler than staying home) to New York and I wish I could go on a vacation myself!!

  2. A little bit jealous of the weather, but I’m like you! Snuggling with my dogs is almost as good………minus the tropical drinks! 🙁

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