During the last six-months of Max’s life, he needed to wear diapers.  He didn’t have great control of his bladder towards the end so he wore a belly-band and that was that.  After we said good-by to him, I can’t say I missed that part.  I would have continued doing it with no complaint, but I don’t think many people whose dogs need diapers will tell you that it’s the highlight of their day.

Meet Jake.  4 8 14b

This is Jake’s bum.4 8 14

On bad-legs-days, Jake’s bum has trouble ‘holding it’.  All of ‘it’.  Especially at night.  Unfortunately, he does not give me (or himself) any indication that he needs to go out so I wake up to him panicking or crying and by then it’s too late. While I’m happy to clean his crate EVERY NIGHT at 3am, I feel like that hour is better suited for sleeping so this weekend I got him some diapers.  Of course he has to get the girl kind due to the fact that he can’t hold any of ‘it’ and since he doesn’t have a tail, I have to sew the tail hole shut.  I got the denim variety so at least he could feel somewhat manly. Nothing says macho like little denim hot shorts.  I’m sure he appreciates this.

“So I wear diapers now?” 4 8 14a

“Please don’t tell anyone, okay.” 4 8 14c

I hope if I ever need diapers, no one blogs about it!


15 thoughts on “Depends.

    • I like to ‘pretend’ to protect his privacy! Actually, I have stood pretty firm on not filming or photographing his legs issue and he has the diaper on when his legs are at their worst but maybe I can put them on one day when he’s having uptime and we can do a fashion show, with music! “I’m to sexy for my diaper, to sexy for my diaper…”. 🙂

    • It is sad, he’s not sure what’s happened and I’m trying to coax him out of the ‘condo’ so I can change his bed out and clean up and he’s still half asleep. His condo may need to upgrade to two rooms!

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