Room with a view.

The windows in the house are fairly low to the ground but Jake is even more low to the ground so he can’t see out of them.  Usually, him not seeing out of the windows is a good thing since he is almost always hunting prey (dogs, cats, people, wind).  In the past, if he wanted to see out of a window, he’d put his front paws up on the window sill and stare out.  Now, with his wonky legs, that is not always an option.  When his front paws go up, his heiny hits the ground.

So, I got him a bean bag.  A modern bean bag that looks good but that still functions as a perch for him.  The bean bag part is so he can easily climb up and down but still be high enough for him to see out the window.  Yes, clearly I gave the solution a lot of thought.

Here he is on his throne perch (unfortunately it was at night thus he is facing into the room).    4 11 14

And here is Melvin, who promptly got up on the bean bag the next day as Jake was trying to climb it.  Brotherhood at its finest. 4 11 14d


7 thoughts on “Room with a view.

  1. That is the coolest looking bean bag I have ever seen. Do you mind me asking where you got it?

    I love that you are always trying to accommodate the pups and making their life even sweeter than it already is!

    • I got it at a local store (in Reston, VA) but I have seen some in Target and Home Goods recently! If I see a link to any, I’ll post it on the FB page!

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