We need more beds.

When it comes to the boys, I have two rather intense addictions.  Dog beds and Sirius Republic collars.  The collar one is the one I get the most joy out of severest of them so I’ll touch on that in a different post.

If you walk around my house, there are a bunch of places for the boys to land, to take a load off, to burrow into.  Jake has a bed in the mudroom (where he is when I’m not home), Melvin and Jake both have beds in the living room.  There are beds on the patio, by the front door, in the tee pee, in the bedroom (I mean doy, you must have beds there) and there is a pile of beds in the guest room for rotation purposes.  There may or may not be a few beds in the basement, for just in case. We have also donated many beds.  Many, many, beds.

I wish I could say I don’t know what it is, but I do know what it is.  I see a new bed and it seems way cooler than the beds we have and then wham, it shows up on our doorstep. It might be magic.

DISCLOSURE: To be fair (to myself and your judgement of me), the boys beds always serve two purposes: comfort for them and decoration for the house.

There are a lot of reasons I will never be able to retire, this is just one of them. So I give you my new favorite bed purchase.  They need no other words because they scream AWESOME in so many ways.

You can find them here from Furlap (and if you buy any, mention you saw this post!).  Update:  Furlap is offering $5 off your purchase, just enter OHMELVIN as the coupon code when you order between now and July 1st (and to the reader who already ordered, you will be refunded $5!)!!! Yay!!!

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17 thoughts on “We need more beds.

  1. My husband would surely divorce me if I brought one more dog bed into the house. (At least you have 2 dogs! 😉 However, these are adorbs!!

  2. We have 8 Orvis dog beds. Yes, 8. That’s well over $1,000 in Orvis dog beds. I only have one dog. But when he and Amelia started racing to the “sofa” bed at night, of COURSE I had to purchase another one… why shouldn’t my foster dog have the same luxury? Oh, and for extra comfort, we have a bed on top of the sofa beds… because… well, why not? And, the fit perfectly, so obviously that’s their purpose. My dogs sleep better than me, in every room of our house.
    -Corbin’s momma Jenn

    • I always thought that Melvin and Corbin were separated at birth, but now I think it’s us that have the connection! Beds on top of beds is genius!!!

  3. I love those beds, but I could not handle more beds. But I guess considering there were 5 dogs (now 4), having 6 beds is not bad at all 🙂 I’d get more but my dogs don’t use them at night, they end up sleeping with us. At one point, we had 6 dogs because we were dog sitting, and there were nights when all 6 dogs where on our bed. How that happen I have no clue, I woke up and realized we were crowded. Thankful for the King size mattress 🙂

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