A brotherhood update.

The boys are doing great! Sure, every sibling relationship has it’s issues (in our house we call that pulling a Jake). When someone new comes over or a dog passes in front of our house (the nerve of that dog) Jake will try to bite Melvin’s face (I am still not sure what his MO is…’hey someone new is here, I should bite my brother’s face to alert him’ or ‘hey a dog just came to close to our house, let me bite my brother’s head in retaliation’).  Thankfully, Melvin continues to channel his inner Nelson Mandela and walks away each and every time.

The other 99% of the time, they are living in sweet harmony.  Jake spends a great deal of time smelling Melvin. Melvin must smell brand spanking new every day because Jake never misses a chance to take it all in. Sometimes they kiss each other, back and forth.  I’ve noticed also that they have started laying closer and closer to the other however the moment Jake touches Melvin, Melvin will get up and move.  If you are human, Melvin will melt into you. If you are Jake, Melvin is not super touchy/feely.  This can also be seen when Jake is in Melvin’s bed and Melvin wants in said bed.  Jake will move over to make room for his brother (it’s really sweet to see but then I know that heartbreak is upon us).  Melvin is not keen on the idea of bed sharing with his brother so he will, ever-so-gently, nudge Jake with his nose to ‘encourage’ his departure from the bed. Despite the rejection, Jake still tries every time.

They seem to know when the other one is having a tough day.  If Jake is down for the count due to his legs, Melvin will go to Jake and lay down, often kissing him first.  When Melvin was having issues with his joints due to his tick born disease, Jake would not only smell Melvin’s whole body, but he’d deliver kisses along the way.

I couldn’t have asked for more.  I love that they love.

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16 thoughts on “A brotherhood update.

  1. oh my word SO SWEET. Pug does the same bite Maize in the face thing. Maize is not as patient as Melvin. I swear Pug and Jake with cut with the same pair of scissors.

  2. The biting thing is probably displaced frustration. Dogs and cats do this when they can’t get to the one they want to get to, so they pick someone handy to pick on instead! Very common behavioral pattern. (And maybe more than you wanted to know!)

  3. Argus would sometimes do this to Sasha and Alli, but it was never at home…it was during a walk. He seemed to be protective and I assume he’s be saying something like, “don’t worry, I’ve got this”. Jake sounds like he’s just excited 🙂 or maybe he’s neurotic? J/K!

    Its adorable to see that they are genuinely close to each other. All our dogs do like to lie with one another, and they all seemed to really love to lay next to Sasha, including Maddie, who’s a little ‘strange, We had her at our place several times for several months while her dad was deployed.

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