We are selling our house and moving into the vet.

Jake’s allergicness issue seemed to clear up Friday night and Saturday.  I got a migraine on Saturday that went straight through Sunday night.  I woke up Monday morning and celebrated that my head no longer hurt. Jake celebrated Monday morning by throwing up his weight in vomit.

I took the boys out, fed them breakfast and we went back upstairs.  Half an hour later, Jake started throwing up.  Over the course of the next hour he seemed to thew up undigested food, which,  judging by the amount, seemed to be from the last few days.  WHERE HAD HE BEEN STORING THIS STUFF?

It is important to note here that Jake is pretty iron stomached.  Stuff goes in one end comes out the other end. He has never had the runs and has only thrown-up once, post anesthesia.   So I took him to the vet, again.

He was not in pain, he was hydrated and he had gone to the bathroom (both) that same morning.  His temperature was normal.  Aside from taking all the stuff on the inside and spewing it across surfaces in the house, he was…fine. He got a few shots to help with nausea, managed to have diarrhea all over the lobby of the vet (our lives are so magical and sexy) and we got a few prescriptions to take home with orders not to feed him until evening.

Jake went home and slept all day.  The only time he got up was to smell Melvin but then it was back to sleep.  He got some rice for dinner and slept well all night.

We shall see what today brings for the little monkey.  Hopefully it’s boring and extremely uneventful and having nothing at all to do with the V word.

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    • When we were in the waiting room, there was a guy checking out and during the process it was realized his dog had not had a heartworm test in TWO YEARS because they had not been in for that long. Uh…what?! He had obviously gone too long but we’d just been there two days ago! Hahahah!

  1. Our vet is one of the most wonderful people in the universe, and her practice (started 5 years ago I think) is one of the best for low-stress handling, and in my opinion, there cannot be a better vet (level of compassion, quality of care, level of knowledge and pursuit of continuing education). We just learned that she’s been pushed out of her practice (as it was a business partnership) and now has to leave the area because of a pretty harsh non-compete (two YEARS? really? What about her family!?). We are all heartbroken, and just so sick for her, too. Amazing people deserve better than that. And wrapping my head around driving half an hour (to another decent vet) in an emergency (instead of just down the street for our current one), and having to build relationships and histories anew with doctors and techs is just overwhelming.

    I hope Jakey feels better! How thankful we are for good veterinary care!

    • I am with you. We moved a few years ago and our vet, who literally saved Melvin’s life, was now 45 minutes away. I was so torn. We still go to her (for Melvin) and we also utilize a vet that is 5 min away (we can actually walk there) when we can. Finding a vet who is a partner is life changing!

  2. Argh! This sounds like what the past month has been for us. First our younger iron clad girl starts vomiting and refuses to eat, she puked like 14 times. We took her to the emergency vet because of course it was Sunday and our normal vet wasn’t open. We get there and I swear to god she was miraculously cured, except she wasn’t. She never refuses to eat so Monday when she was still turning down food our vet had us bring her in for all day observation. Her stomach was completely full but nothing moving through, so they thought a blockage. Yet she was happy and barking and playing at the vets office so they sent her home to walk and hopefully poo. And that’s exactly what she did…. $500 dollars for her being constipated (yeah there was probably something more going on but still!) Then last week our boy, who if he looks at something sideways gets diarrhea, starts with going 10 times a day and of course, once again, the weekend! So bright and early Monday morning I go packing the vet a present and sure enough on antibiotics he goes. At one point we hadn’t been to the vet in almost a year… I miss those days!

    • Oh my gosh! We need some sort of weekend hotline! 95% of my boys issues happen five min after the reg vet closes too! And 99.9% of the time they are 100% cured when we walk into the vet!

  3. Wow. You have had a really rough stretch. I feel fairly certain that you have pushed your vet into a tax bracket that he/she never thought possible. Hang in there. This gray cloud must have a silver lining, right? Right?

  4. Moving t the vet, that’s an idea! At least for now I’ve told our vet we must be preferred clients 🙂

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