Keep searching.

I was looking over recent search terms that landed people on the blog.  Some of them probably found what they were looking for (??) while others…not so much (I bolded the ones who may have had to rethink their search criteria once they landed on our blog).

oh melvin
sexy dog  
oh melvin and yo jake
melvin and jake
oh melvin yo jake
dog mount girl
make love to me  
sexy dogs
make love
happy birthday melvin
oh melvin blog
make love to me quotes
oh melvin and jake
balls to the wall shirt
hey melvin dog
girl mounted dog
what to do if your dog eats building putty
two pitties in the city doggles
the other person is just not that into you
top speed on any car
www animal planet
only you
custom-knits dog sweaters
migraine in dog
setting up teepee over bed
melvin ohio
personalized dog sweater
 brother butt pillow
 dog decor
were the wiggles part of fraggle rock?
into da booty
is plumbers putty toxic to dogs
yo jake melvin
pooping and vomit slave 
happy bithday melvin
jake sweater for boys
mount me now
custom knitted dog sweaters
foyer rugs
dear jake, you will always be my little brother
keep calm love melvin
is plumbers putty non toxic for animals
she is flying a kite 
melvin, oh
spinal cord cysts in dogs
best connecting girlfriend pillow 
white girly office desks
jake melvin cancer
home alone melvin
dog mount girls 
if he loves me quotes 
plumbers putty toxic to animals
noises drive me nuts 
do luxation patella in dogs flare up and then they feel better again?
buttis getting big story
please make love to me quotes 
wacky wordy wednesday
custom knit dog sweater
da booty walking away 
pea nugget
oh melvin aging gracefully
best behaved dogs 
aversion to wetness
get well gifts via post
test for liver is called melvin
blog oh melvin
doggy girl
cute boys getting tied up
dog has tail amputated. doesn’t want to walk
do the melvin with you but alas i am in the boot.
friend comment i am hunk what is the reply
my butt is too big for my fave dress
i want to make love to you quotes images 
dog spinal scarring blog
foyer rug
big booty girls that love melvin 
oh melvin (and yo jake)
brother helps brother get off drugs 
girl mounted by dog 
how to mount a girl 

15 thoughts on “Keep searching.

  1. I cannot stop laughing!! First of all, I really, really wonder about the humans who are putting in those search terms. Either the world is pretty crazy or I am just too darn tame. 🙂

  2. Okay, it’s just weird that you posted this. Literally yesterday I was pondering over the ridiculous searches that have led to my blog and trying to decide if I should share them/delete one particular post. I’m totally going to be a copy cat and do it! (I hope you don’t mind?)

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