Boys on film.

Vacation is awesome so far! Days spent around the backyard pool, beach, naps, delicious dinners.  Adult beverages (this one requires its own sentence). Do I miss the boys?  I miss them SO much that I won’t even attempt to use words to describe it.  Funny story: the vet called to check in, probably because we have not been to see them in five straight days.

I have a camera that I can check-in on the boys.  One is the Melvin cam.  On this camera, one thing is for certain,  you will never see Melvin on it.  No matter where I put it, he will not go there. Apparently he is in witness protection and knows when he’s being watched.

The Jake cam is somewhat more successful, but only because Jake spends the daytime (or whatever time humans are not home) in the mudroom. So we are hard pressed to not catch Jake on the camera.  I wish I could say the video was funny or adorable but all it is BORING.  He sleeps all day.

These are captures from two different days.  Dude doesn’t even switch up his position.

photo photo[1]

In case you didn’t see it on Facebook, can you please click HERE and vote for Jake (from Ashburn) for a cutest dog contest??!!!  Thank you!!!

11 thoughts on “Boys on film.

  1. We have cameras too! We have yet to catch Monty at all when we are gone – after almost three years of trying too.

    Monty and Harlow

  2. I wanted to install cameras when Sasha was around to make sure she was OK. We never did, but fortunately that girl was always OK 🙂

    Jake’s just too cute. I think he’s like a little Argus 🙂

    • It’s an odd voting thing they have going on, you can only vote that day, then a new round starts the next day. Still waiting to hear if he made into the finals! Thanks for trying!

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