Jake’s car seat.

Jake needed a car seat (for safety) that was also a booster seat (so he could look out the window).  He is giant weighs too much for all the single boosters so I had to buy a double one (you know, the type someone would buy if they had two dogs sitting in it — even though there will only be one dog in it).  I found the perfect one, white furry/fleecy where he sits (hides his hair) and black on the outside to match the car’s interior. Great safety rating.

It took forever to come, seriously, like over three weeks. When it finally arrived…

  1. it took up 3/4 of the back seat. Melvin was not amused, at all.
  2. it was pink.  Pink.  Light pink with somewhat of a glitter sheen.  Like it was probably called Mariah Carey Pink. This is not my favorite of all the pinks.  I doubt it’s Jake’s either.

We were leaving on a road trip the next day so, yeah, Jake has a pink car seat now.



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