50 shades of AWESOME.

There is this ah-mazing person out there who, on her last birthday, decided that she would do fifty acts of random kind things before her next birthday.  To be fair, she is already crazy kind.  For her to be even nicer, whoa!

The Facebook page is here.  A week or two ago, one of the post was that a package was going out to someone.  A gift, for no reason.  I thought, how exciting for that person!  Well it got even better (for me) cause that package arrived at my house!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!






Ok, at this point in the opening of the gift, I seriously was just so touched to be thought of. That of course didn’t stop me from digging in and pulling out the awesome prize inside!


I full on squealed!   It’s awesome for so many reasons but most of all because I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS!  You see, Jake has a sweet side (that snuggles, and loves and kisses his brother) and, like most of us, he has a bit of a dark side (that never pees on his own bed but always on brothers, that shoots meatballs out while grinning, that leap-falls off the couch onto an un-expeccting Melvin).  Some time ago I found the white version of this and was looking all over for this one to remind me that both of his sides make him complete!


I’m so thankful!  You should follow the Fifty Shades of Kindness page!  It’s fun to see what things she comes up with but better yet, it’s a great reminder that we should all follow that lead!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

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  1. Wonderful. So thoughtful! Wonder how many acts of kindness we all do without even thinking of purposely doing it?! Or even how many we can do if we purposely try to be nicer?! Hmm.

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