Stage Mom.

The moment I entered Jake into the cutest dog contest, I became a stage mom.  I mean there were days I thought about putting make-up on Jake before we left the house.

The winners were announced this past Saturday.  It was a HOT day for a Wagfest and Jake was over the whole thing before we even arrived.  We were both decked out in Sirius Republic gear – he had on his brown Sugar Skulls collar, he borrowed Melvin’s Sugar Skull bow tie.  He had his skull and crossbones diaper on and I wore my ‘Must Love Dogs’ t-shirt!  Jake also had two Kool collars on and he was still overheating within five minutes.

Where are you taking me?photo 2

I’m hot, take me home. photo 1

It came time to announce the winners.  They started with 2nd runner-up, that dog was announced and it was not Jake and the words that came out of my mouth were “WHEW!”.  Who says that?  I’ll tell you who, a stage mom.

They then announced the 1st runner-up and IT WAS JAKE!  There was loud applause and cheers (we had a lot of fans there) and we got stopped for more photos than anyone else. Doy!

To be honest, my recollection of the whole day is a tad different from everyone else’s.  This is what was said: 1st runner-up, Jake from Ashburn!  This is what I heard: 1st runner-up, Jake from Ashburn.

We got a very generous prize package of gift cards that we will donate to dogs who are in need.  All in all it was super fun, we are very honored and look forward to seeing his photo in the magazine!

Thank you to all who supported us and voted!  And as for those who ask why Melvin wasn’t entered, Melvin is cute, sure, but Melvin’s true gift is his ability to love. When they have a contest for that, he will win!

photo 3

14 thoughts on “Stage Mom.

  1. You both look fabulous! I’m so happy Jake was 1st runner up, but IMHO, he should have totally been TOP DOG! 🙂

  2. I’m sure there must have been some dangling chads that prevented an accurate count. Jake is clearly the cutest dog in Virginia, let alone Northern Va.
    You both are adorbs in the photo.
    And for donating your prize package? You’re the best-est.

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