Chin up, Chicken.

Jake has this new thing where he wants to prop his chin up.  I think he has realized he can breathe better if his face is not smashed into the couch, bed, rug.  Go figure Jake!  So he will drag items to where he wants to be and use the object to hold his head up when he is lying down.  He’s also making much better use of the couch.  Maybe it’s his way of being optimistic and reminding people to keep their chins up.

The old way:IMG_9748 IMG_9495 5 6 14e photo[11]


The new way:IMG_0042 IMG_0276 IMG_0218 IMG_0149 IMG_0145


Chin up folks!


8 thoughts on “Chin up, Chicken.

  1. I SWEAR…Jake and Boney are sooo brothers! Boney rests his chin on anything available – even if it means he can’t lay all the way down. I think it’s because they are so smart and their brains are soooo heavy! 🙂

  2. Serious question: After taking the second picture above, did you squeal, smoosh their faces together and kiss them repeatedly while only half way feeling bad about waking them up?

  3. My boy will steal your pillow any chance he gets, we leave one on the couch for spontaneous naps but one of the dogs ends up using it more often than we do. Our girl sits in the armchair with her head on the arm most the time 🙂

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