Function over fashion. Sort of.

See that bench under the window? IMG_0786


It used to be at the foot of the bed.  I didn’t buy it because it was animal print, in fact I thought about not buying it because it was animal print.  Not that I don’t like animal print, I just wasn’t sure how it would work in the room. It turned out to be perfect (style-wise).  My main reason for buying it was that it was the exact dimensions I was looking for.  Right length and most importantly, right height.  I wanted it at the foot of the bed and I wanted it to be the exact height of the bed frame. Why you ask?  Because I have a disease that makes me see things that don’t visually work and it drives me bonkers.  Bench must equal bed frame height.  Trust me.

That bench’s number one job was to provide access to the bed for Melvin.  The bed is pretty high and he needed something lower to be able to get up on his own.  The fact that I could sit on it comfortably was bonus.  That bench has served him well.  Until recently.  Melvin has back arthritis and like anyone else with arthritis or joint issues, nighttime is stiff time and it has become harder and harder for him to get up on that bench.  He misses sometimes. So, that bench must go.

It’s true, I can’t jump as high as I used to. IMG_0710

Here is the thing, remember when I told you that as a crazy person, the bench and bed frame needed to be the same height.  Cue cold sweat. Obviously Melvin matters more to me than my decorating OCD. Right?  Yes, yes, of course he does. So I stalked look for a different bench.  One that I love but that would also work better for Melvin.

This is the new bench.IMG_0790 IMG_0783

Melvin jumps onto it and then onto the bed with such ease, he’s like a gazelle.  From a design perspective, this bench is lovely, look at those lines.  Of course… it’s made for a bed that sits MUCH lower and also for a human who prefers to sit much lower.  But my boy can come and go on the bed again and that is all that matters.

Decorating OCD be dammed!  (That is code for I need more wine).

7 thoughts on “Function over fashion. Sort of.

  1. *SIGH* Oh the decorating decisions we make for our dogs….we got a gorgeous new couch a few months ago, I was SO excited to get rid of our ugly old “my-first-sofa!” Oh boy was I excited. But the new couch came before we could get rid of the other one, so we shoved it into the front room “for now.” The only problem is the boy still LOVE hanging out on that ugly old couch….so it sits. Right there. Right as soon as you walk in the front door. A big, over-stuffed, ugly green couch. With dog hair all over it. I will bring myself to get rid of it some day, I swear!

  2. Mmm hmmmm. I’ve been looking into stairs for the big guy to use so he can get into bed. The thing that holds me back is that when we aren’t home he ends up on the bed with presumably no whining and no pacing.

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