Birthday snuggles and Veteran’s Day!

The flu turned into a migraine and then into a sinus infection and tomorrow I have a chest x-ray.  If you are looking for a good time, stop by!

Nevertheless, my birthday was awesome cause I got to snuggle these two monkeys! IMG_0910(And when you are as powerful as me, you get to move your birthday to a later date so that people can be around you without a look of disgust and sadness on their faces.)

I always loved that my birthday fell on the day before Veteran’s day.  Yes, part of that was that I often had my birthday off for school but mostly because it always reminded me what was really most important in terms of gifts:   People who give service to their country. Selfless heroes, like my dad, and his dad, and most likely your dad (or mom or brother or sister or aunt or cousin or son or daughter…).  Happy Veteran’s day you real life super heroes!!  You rock this world like no other!

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