Life with Jake: Take 782

Jake’s two-year adopt-o-versary is approaching.  I look back on those post from two years ago and have a hard time recalling the worries I had back then.  That Jake would settle in, that the boys would tolerate each other, that we’d be ‘okay’ and that the decision was right.

The issues have changed, greatly.

Last night Jake poop’d in his sleep.  He then must have had a nightmare that he poop’d in his sleep and he rolled around like a crazy dog to avoid the poop of his dream but ended up rolling around in the poop of reality.  I was awoken by the smell. Hello Monday.

I rolled around in poop. I’m gross. IMG_1061

It’s raining here today so I did what any mother of the year would do, I carried Jake outside and let him bathe in mother natures tears (or were those my tears).  Who knows.  I cleaned up his bed, then I went outside and rain bathed Jake (and myself) and Melvin just stood in the doorway and barked at me because he was hungry.

I was starving.  Does no one care?IMG_1067

I am going to sketch out a swing like contraption that Jake can be hoisted into each night.  One where he will be comfortable but when he sleep potties, it just falls into a trashcan.  A girl can dream.

Happy Monday!

19 thoughts on “Life with Jake: Take 782

  1. oh we feel your pain. Our Jake the pug is a pooper-while-sleeping kind of guy too. He sleeps in the bed with us, so this has lead to some interesting nights. I’ll be the first to buy your poop swing contraption

  2. Poor boy, no one should have to dream about poop 😉

    Mr B is approaching two years with us and the bladder support pills are no longer working so he’ll be joining the belly band team. Does Jake wear his 24/7 and do you find that you need to bathe him more often?

    • Jake does not wear them 24/7 (in an effort to avoid UTIs). We change his pad (we use frminine pads in his band) every few hours. I leave the diaper off when I’m not home (he’s in the mudroom during that time) and he does not wear a diaper at night (his bed has a rubber cover under the soft cover). We also just ordered some supplements for UTI strength. Good luck! Once you get going on a schedule, its easy!

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