Just a few things I’m thankful for, in no particular order.

Coffee, water and wine. Thin maxi pads and Jake’s Sirius Republic diaper collection (you can’t have one without the other).  Cute notebooks and sharpie writing pens. My family. Unconditional love. Social media’s ability to bring us together for good causes, like animal transports, friendships and rescue opportunities. Melvin’s soulful eyes. Salt. Faith. Home Goods. Target. Veterinary medicine (traditional and holistic). That I learned early on that being happy is a choice. Jake’s determination.  People who love dogs. Josh, Maddy, Emmie, Hadley, Blake and Lane (even when she growls at me, and btw she’s human). Freedom of speech.  Minty toothpaste. My hair stylist. New York, Virginia and Paris. HGTV. Window film. Natures Miracle products. Modern medicine. Friendships anchored in true acceptance and support (must also enjoy wine). Generosity and thoughtfulness. Goat cheese. Spell check. Online shopping. Amazon. Music. Migraine medication. You.

I mean who wouldn’t be thankful for these two knuckleheads? IMG_1281 IMG_1297

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