Melvin lives with his stalker.IMG_2114

Jake follows Melvin everywhere.  If Melvin runs and barks, Jake shuffles himself into a semi-run/drag and follows along.  If Melvin shakes, Jake shakes. If Melvin drinks water, Jake is suddenly parched.  I’m just glad we don’t live next to a bridge.


I have to give it to Melvin, he lives through some pretty creepy moments with grace and understanding. If Melvin lays down, Jake waits a few minutes (it’s very calculated) then walks over in a ‘oh don’t mind me’ sorta way and sits down next to Melvin.

IMG_2078 IMG_2273

The thing is, Jake is not a silent or hidden stalker.  No, he sits right in front of Melvin’s face. He then waits for Melvin to fall asleep. Yeah, not scary or creepy at all.  Then one of two things happens.

  1. Jake will slowly lower his body in the wrong place, like directly on top of Melvin’s face, or across his torso (why, Jake? Why?).  If that happens, it’s over. Melvin gets up and moves as far away (sometimes to higher ground) from Jake as possible.  Jake then waits 4.7 minutes and goes to start the process over. IMG_2260IMG_2164
  2. Or, Jake lowers himself in a less threatening way and Melvin allows it and joy rushes over Jake.IMG_2166 IMG_2077 IMG_2276 IMG_1943

10 thoughts on “Stalker.

  1. How hilarious, and yet, upon further reflection, very touching. I love that after all that sitting and waiting that Jake did before finding you guys (the perfect family) he how has his very own Melvin to creep on and never be lonely again.

  2. This is so stinking cute. I laughed out loud thinking about Jake waiting for the “perfect moment” to go lay beside his big brother – hilarious! What a character he is!

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