Happy Birthday, Melvin man!

Happy Birthday, my boy!  I’m so thankful you were born!

Melvin was given up for adoption just a few weeks before his 3rd birthday.  There were three birthdays that we didn’t spend together and there have been seven that we have.

He is ten in every way, and I’m fine with that. I love ten. Of course I wish that he had a hundred years to spend with me, but ten, ten is pretty spectacular. While he’s still very exuberant, he’s also earned his moments of rest. Years of happiness and improved health have made for a soulful ambassador of snuggles. He knows how our days run better than I do and he counts on me every much as I count on him. Those first three years of his life, they were a dress rehearsal for a role he was never meant to play. For seven years now he has found his true calling, to be the melody of my heart’s song. I wish he could live forever, but I wouldn’t turn back time, not even one day. Because every day I have spent with him, the good days, the tough days; the days I hugged him,  the days we drained each other’s patience… all of those days make up a wild ride, a giant love and a destiny that was always ours. He and I were written in the stars.  So while it’s HIS birthday, I’m the one with the greatest gift of all.


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To commemorate ten, we are having the wonderfully talented Kim at Yellow Brick Home paint Melvin’s Eeyore face!  Eeeeeeeeek!!!  But for today, it’s just lot’s of love from the brother and me!

29 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Melvin man!

  1. Oh, dear. This line: “to be the melody of my heart’s song.” So perfect. Happy birthday, Melvin!!

  2. Happy birthday, Melvin!!!!!!! You got the best birthday gift 7 years ago, though it was 3 weeks early. Your momma loves you so much. Nothing is more magical than the amazing bond between you two. We love you, Melvin! And we love your wonderful momma, too!
    -Corbin, Amelia & their momma…. Queen D, too!

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