Our newest Yellow Brick Home painting (and a discount to get your own)!

One of my most treasured pieces in the house is the Yellow Brick Home painting of the boys.  It is my true view of the two knuckleheads and everyone who sees it, swoons hard.  I mean it’s pretty much perfection.


So as Melvin’s big-10 birthday was approaching, I thought, what does he want most in life.? The answer: food to make me happy. So I ordered a painting of Melvin man.  In talking to Kim, goddess of artistry at YBH (guys, working with her is so fun and she really gets what you are saying)… I said that I wanted to capture Melvin’s Eeyore face.  He’s the happiest sad-face dog ever and I wanted that face on a white background.

Kim got working on it.  Then we found out about the cancer. The painting went from something I wanted, to something I needed.

When the package came, I was squealing with excitement and overwhelmed as all hell to open it.  With Melvin laying at my feet (he was still here when it arrived), I ripped open the package. It was a billion times beyond what I’d hoped for!  The expression, was perfection.  HIs jowls, his ears, his freckles. STOP!  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  It is so amazing that I can almost feel his velvety fur when I touch it. It instantly became priceless to me. I hugged it.  I may sleep with it. Ok fine, I did sleep with it.

This week, it has been a place I can go to pause and stare at that sad-faced-happy-dog that I love so much.


And because Yellow Brick Home is beyond your wildest dreams of what awesome is, they are giving Oh Melvin readers a 15% discount!  FIFTEEN PERCENT!!!!  The code is good for the next two days (today and tomorrow) so act fast, your only regret will be if you miss out! (PS. you can do cats, dogs, horses, goats, chickens, iguanas, pet rocks) (OK, I’m not sure about all of those but you can ask!)

The site is HERE and the code is XOMELVIN15.  The code is good for anything in the shop, including the custom stuff and gift certs!. It’s only good Monday, 4/20 and Tuesday, 4/21.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  GO!



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  1. She totally “gets” it – I had such insane requests (can you make her eyes sparkly like in this photo, but her head tilted like this photos?), and she nailed it! That painting of Melvin is ahh-mazing. I’m so glad you have it to treasure.

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