A lovely day.

There are currently two ways I think about Melvin, before we knew he was sick, and after. I don’t think it will always be that way. In thinking about the before, those memories are easier, I think mostly because I don’t have to associate the fear of him being sick with any of them.  The memories of him after we found out about the cancer are a little jumbled.  It’s odd, those days were filled with so much love yet it’s impossible to not attach the fact that I knew time was short to their memory.  Anyway… I’ve started letting little moments and details of his last few weeks into my thought process.

There was one day, towards the end, that was quite possibly the most beautiful day anyone could ask for. Blue skies, just the right amount of warmth, spring smells in the air. The boys grazed, we laid on a blanket and just existed.  No agenda, nowhere to go. It was perfect in every way.  A day that brings a smile to my heart for sure.

Wishing you each a day like this over the weekend!!

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