Melvin’s Project Joy.

I got Melvin seven years ago. The day joy leaped into my life. I was going through his folder a few months ago and I had come across a few of the cards we got when Melvin joined the family.  I set them aside to use on his gotcha day post this year. Of course at the time, I was under the impression that he’d be here. They mean so much more to me now and they take me back to the fate filled day that Melvin became mine.

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Melvin lives on in so many things.  My heart, Jake’s perseverance and our calling to help others. And now, through Melvin’s Project Joy.


We will be using Melvin’s trust fund to pay joy forward. The focus will mostly be on dogs, of the rescue variety, but we have open eyes for all animals who need us.

Our first partnership was established while Melvin was sill with me. I reached out to Jen at Sirius Republic and told her I’d like to spread joy using her products and she was in before I even said ‘hello’. (WE LOVE HER!). So over the course of the next year, Sirius Republic and Oh Melvin will have monthly giveaways where you nominate your dude or dudette and we’ll pick two winners each month (a girl and a boy, we are nothing if not equal opportunity givers).  There will be categories, we think you’ll enjoy them.  It’s not only to give stuff away, it’s to bring folks together.  Like one month, you will nominate your allergy-hot-mess-of-an-itchy-dog, and through the various nominations, you will find others who face the same challenges you do.  Friendships can form, support can be shared.  Joy can be spread. We are all in this crazy world together.


I am also working with local rescue groups to help pay adoption fees for some dogs who take longer to find homes and for foster dogs who need some medical care so they can be as healthy as possible when they move into their forever.  By pre-paying some of those things, the rescue groups can worry less, and focus more on finding the right homes. Joy heals.

Through this project, Melvin lives on.  He and I will continue to spread joy.  And that joy will in turn spread joy.  And that makes me happy. Jake likes me so much more when I’m happy.

Stay tuned to both Oh Melvin’s and Sirius Republic’s Facebook page for the first giveaway (sometime in July, we have a few other giveaways to do first)! And thank you to all who have helped in this endeavor… Jen at Sirius Republic, Grace, our awesome graphic designer, my friends and family, and especially my parents for their generous donation to Melvin’s fund after he passed away. When they asked me what they could do to help, I said ‘help me help dogs in need’ and they said ‘no problem’.


Also, if you need an awesome freelance designer, reach out to Grace (you can find her here).  She’s a delight to work with and so talented!


26 thoughts on “Melvin’s Project Joy.

  1. You are amazing. Melvin would be so proud of everything that his life meant to you. I can’t wait to start spreading joy in his honor. Lovemeansjoy and YOU and MELVIN are JOY!

  2. Tracey, this gave me happy tears! You are amazing and I’m awed by how much you (and Melvin) have to give. Love lives on, indeed.

  3. As another early recipient of Melvin’s Joy, it broke my heart that our Joy left too soon. The wee one touched us briefly and deeply but we were able to share her joy just a bit as well. That which was earmarked for her went elsewhere to be used to spread your joy. thanks for the inspiration.

  4. This is such a great way to honor Melvin. In all the craziness in the world, this just makes me feel happy. See, the joy is spreading already.

  5. I’ve been waiting all day to read this. So inspired by your generosity. 🙂

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  7. Oh, my gosh. I’m so inspired, Tracey. This is incredible, such a beautiful, perfect way to honor Melvin and his joy. Please let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help. You said it: #loveliveson.

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