Melvin’s Project Joy: Giveaway One!

I am squealing with delight to launch this!!!  It feels like a big hug with Melvin.

Each month, we will do a giveaway that celebrates the unique nature of our furry friends.  There will be monthly categories, so if you have a dog that falls into that one, you can nominate them to win. If your dog does not fit into this month’s category, do not fret, we have a pretty all-encompassing list for the entire year – like if your dog is a cat – we eventually got you covered!

When Jen (at Sirius Republic) and I started talking about how these monthly giveaways would work, we immediately agreed on the what the first month category would be.

Anxiety dogs.

Both of our lives have been forever changed by our anxiety dogs (Melvin & Jake for me, Chilly for her).  We have compared stories of desensitization, DAP diffuser and anxiety supplements and drugs.  We have shared updates on how we have missed out on events, in order to help our dogs get through. Countless successes and many failures, some frustration and many adult beverages later, that is how being a (pet) parent goes! So in honor of our anxious-love-monkeys, we kick off month one of Melvin’s Project Joy!

Here is how it works…

  1. This goes beyond just a giveaway (but yes, there is of course some loot!).  Our goal is to remind each other that we are all in this crazy life together.  That through these giveaways, we can all bring empathy into play.  As you share stories of your anxiety dogs, read the stories of others.  You may nod, or have ideas of how to help.  You can message others and share ideas and stories.  Friendships will form. Support can be shared.  Joy will be spread!
  2. Share you anxiety dog (your dog’s name, a photo. and the story of anxiety issues you and your dog face) on either our Facebook page containing this post, on Sirius Republic’s Facebook page when they share this post. If you are not of the Facebook world, you can email your info to  You can also post the info below in the comments, although you probably can’t share a photo on here (and that’s ok). No matter how you submit your info, you will be entered to win.
  4. We will pick one female and one male winner at the end of July!

Next month, it will be a new category!



9 thoughts on “Melvin’s Project Joy: Giveaway One!

  1. I love your new tagline, it’s beautiful.
    Just as an FYI, reading about this month’s theme made me cry as my anxiety dog and I are going through some deep $%!&t right about now, so you can bet I’ll be entering. 🙂

  2. Oh man – you KNOW we’ve got a 3 year and running total of anxiety stories to share. I’ll definitely be posting. As we both know, having a dog with fear based issues can feel really isolating, but the connections you make while walking that path together are some of the most important we can make. What an awesome way to make some new ones!

  3. What about Cats that act like Dogs? Ginger has some anxiety issues going on over here.

    But honestly, I’m proud of you sister and I know Melvin is too. The space he created in that beautiful giant heart was made to help others.

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