Where the wild things are.

You’ll recall the poisonous toad story from two-weeks ago (here).

This past weekend, we were out back for the before-bed-potty-break, standing in the glow of the motion light set up on one side of the backyard.  Jake was sniffing and peeing and then I saw it, ANOTHER LARGE TOAD WITH POISON SPRAYERS.

Just as I saw it, Jake saw it.  And the bleeping motion light went off.  I scooped Jake up before the light could even register my movement and got him inside.  I then went and got ‘the’ shovel.  It was dark and raining but for the love all things good, I was not stopping until I found that toad.  He was under a tree.

Crisis averted, although not loving my new career as a toad evictor.

This morning, I was having patio repair done (thanks a lot chipmunks) and one of the guys came up to chat with me.  At the end of the update of what they were doing he said: “oh, did you want us to leave the dead bunny in the back yard?”.

WHAT THE WHAT?????? Come again?

He said there was a dead buddy, a ‘jugular kill’.  I may or may not have passed out.  I somehow motioned with my hands the universal signal to ‘remove slashed necked dead bunny from my yard’ and went inside.

Jake did not kill this bunny.  I weeded the flower bed where they found it in just yesterday and I was with Jake on all his outings out back after that.  Also, it was an adult bunny with a big head. Jake can barely open his mouth and he has tic-tac teeth. He lifts food into his mouth with his tongue (meals take forever!) so so his killing is usually of the sitting on it variety. Unless you have a little head like frogs, birds and baby bunnies, then he will put you in his tiny mouth and suffocate you.  And often attempt to swallow you. So… I worried a little about what is using my FENCED IN back yard as a killing ground. After many conversations with me talking in a pitch only dogs can hear it was decided that the bunny was likely attacked outside my yard (probably by a dog) and crawled into my yard to die.  Otherwise, the hunter would have eaten his or her trophy.

Poetically, the bunny died in a little garden I made that houses memorial stones for Max and Melvin.  So it was a good choice on its part.  It’s not getting a burial stone, but it was a good choice.

In relate news, I still don’t enjoy nature.

Did someone say bunny?!IMG_5461

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  1. I hate nature. So glad another toad crisis was averted. How is Mr. Jake? His eye looks better to me, but my fingers are still crossed and keeping you two in my thoughts for good juju.

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